Any dispute between business partners requires prompt and cost-effective resolution to protect the interests of the company and the relationship of the parties involved.  The business dispute resolution attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience here in San Diego, taking a unique approach to partnership disputes designed to resolve matters quickly and efficiently.

The key in a partnership dispute is to quickly identify the core issues while helping to repair the relationships of the parties when possible.  Business partners are often family members or close friends and it is not unusual for spouses and other family members and friends to be a part of the social circle affected by the dispute itself.  While the factors affecting the dispute between business partners can be multi-faceted our attorneys help to re-focus the conversation on the best interests of the company while preserving ongoing business operations.  We work to diffuse the dispute, help the parties to find common ground and recommend alternative solutions that have worked for other business partners who have faced similar circumstances in the past.

When necessary, mediation can be a valuable tool to resolve a dispute between business partners quickly and affordably.  The mediator will further help to provide a calm and productive working atmosphere while issues associated with the dispute are identified and clarified.

There are often hidden resentments and sub-issues which cloud the dispute.  One partner may feel they are doing more work or bringing in more business than the other.  In other cases the business may have grown past the capacity of one or more of the partners requiring the consideration of bringing in new employees or an executive with extensive experience.  Structuring these relationships, the division of profit and incentive programs for new key players requires legal skill and business acumen.  The attorneys at the Watkins Firm contribute the benefit of decades of experience, extensive legal skill and expertise as well as business advice and counsel.

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