What is the best way to resolve a dispute or lawsuit with an investor in San Diego?  The Watkins Firm has decades of experience and expertise in investor and investment disputes, and there are many factors to consider.  The first question is what is the underlying relationship between the company and the investor?  A dispute or lawsuit with a business partner or investor in an LLC or corporation often involves family members or close friends and the work dispute has jaded a once positive and close relationship.  How your attorney handles these delicate situations will go a long way to deciding the outcome, and protecting your interests along the way.

A Dispute or Lawsuit with an Investor in San Diego is About Money

After more than 40 years of experience resolving a dispute or lawsuit with an investor in San Diego or Southern California I can tell you the central issue is always money.  What is the nature of the dispute?  Is the dispute centered upon questions of how the company is being operated, compensation for majority stakeholders or how the money is supposed to be divided? Is there any concern about fraud, theft or commingling of funds or assets?  Who has been responsible for keeping the books, and how accurate and up-to-date are the records?

The Steps to Resolving an Investor Dispute

Our experienced dispute resolution attorneys get to the core issue(s) and go to work documenting all facts, communications and other evidence in order to gain leverage for negotiation.  We work to establish a productive working atmosphere that is conducive to effective negotiations and ultimately a settlement which reflects the goals and objectives of our client. The Watkins Firm employs a unique strategy for resolving disputes which allows us to resolve the vast majority of these matters through effective, leveraged negotiation.

Mediation is an effective venue for resolving an investor dispute.  Mediation is confidential and keeps your financial and business details confidential and out of the public record. Those disputes which cannot be completely resolved through negotiation are most often settled in mediation.  The next step is either arbitration or a trial, depending on stipulations within governing contracts and the will of the parties.

Our clients value our practical approach, and our desire to help resolve the dispute quickly and in a cost-effective manner.  They also respect our reputation and track record in these disputes and appreciate that we are able to represent them at any stage of a business dispute, from negotiation through mediation, in arbitration, or at trial.

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