Does a dispute with a contractor in San Diego have your project bogged down?  Are you worried about the quality of workmanship on your project, or the speed with which the job is being completed?  What happens when a commercial property owner, residential homeowner or sub-contractor has a dispute with a contractor in San Diego or Southern California?

The problem is the amount of time it will take to move the case through San Diego’s courts (more than a year) and the significant expense associated with litigation.  The key to resolving a dispute with a contractor in San Diego is not litigation.  It is effective, leverage negotiation by the skilled construction dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm.  We have decades of experience in construction and business litigation.  The Watkins firm takes a unique approach to resolving construction disputes focused upon getting to the core issues of the dispute and getting the attention of the contractor.  How do we accomplish this?

The contract between you and the contractor will determine many aspects of your case.  Construction contracts are notoriously poor in their clarity regarding specific details about the project and what happens in the event of a dispute.  Our attorneys quickly ascertain the extent of financial damages caused by the dispute.  This, combined with the withholding of project payments, provides substantial leverage to gain the attention of the contractor and drive the dispute to a successful negotiated solution that reflects your objectives and goals.

We are experienced and prepared in every potential step of this process including mediation and arbitration, and taking your case to trial before a Judge.  Our strong track record of success in litigation and trial work lets the other side know that you mean business.  Opposing counsel will know this is serious and all parties are much more likely to take reasonable and prudent action to resolve the matter once we become involved.

Resolving a dispute with a contractor in San Diego quickly and cost-effectively is the key to keeping your project or job on track and on-budget.  If you have a dispute with a contractor in San Diego we invite you to call for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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