Are you searching for A San Deigo attorney for minority shareholders to protect the value of your investment and the strength of your position in the corporation?  The shareholder’s rights attorneys at the Watkins Firm have protected the interests of minority shareholders in San Diego and Southern California for decades.  California has unique laws and protections for minority shareholders and we work to hold majority interests accountable and to assert your rights and best interests as a minority shareholder.

Over the decades we’ve seen it all.  Attempts to dilute the value of a minority shareholder’s stock or to restrict their influence through a variety of strategies intended to marginalize the minority shareholder as an individual and as an investor.  The good news is you have a lot of legal options as a minority shareholder.  The Watkins Firm has the power, legal skill, experience and resources necessary to assert your rights and protect your interests.

In some cases this simply involves gaining the attention of majority interests or corporate executives to ensure our clients have access to the books and other important corporate documents.  In other cases majority interests have attempted to harm minority investors through mergers, the acquisition of another company or the formation of a new entity.  We help to put a stop to these oppressive strategies.  We work to hold them accountable and assert your rights and interests at each step of the process.

It may be necessary to assert your rights as a dissenting shareholder, or to file a derivative lawsuit to protect the corporation from mismanagement or fraudulent schemes.  In other cases we may need to ensure a merger or acquisition provides adequate protections to preserve the value and power of your position in the corporation.  If you are searching for A San Deigo attorney for minority shareholders we invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation today.

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