A San Diego shareholder dispute is about your money, pure and simple.  You’ve made a substantial investment, often including your own time and contributions.  We have handled thousands of shareholder disputes over the decades the Watkins Firm has been serving the San Diego business community.  We work to protect your rights and interests as well as the money you’ve invested.

Follow the Money

Many people think that disagreements happen when there isn’t enough money to go around.  In our experience, disputes often arise when the money is flowing and business is booming.  In the end, most San Diego shareholder disputes are usually about the money.  In many of our cases majority interests attempt to cut out investors and minority shareholders or short change them on the returns they deserve.  What is presented as a “failure” is quietly taken to another location (or country!) under a different name while the majority interests attempt to cut specific partners out of the flow of the money they deserve.

Every state in the nation has strict laws to ensure the protections of investors and shareholders.  California has some of the most complex and powerful laws governing these relationships and the money which is ultimately at stake.  We have a saying at the Watkins Firm: “off by a penny, off by thousands.”  Minority shareholders and investors have to keep a close eye on their investment and the activities of a company and its ownership.

Shareholder Disputes Happen For Many Reasons Under the Business Sun

Shareholder disputes can be quite harmful to a company.  They obviously disrupt the working relationships of the owners who are involved.  More importantly, they distract the owners from their primary business focus: the well being and profitable efforts of the company.

When you boil these business disputes down to their essence, a San Diego shareholder dispute is about your money.  It may be that shareholders disagree about who is doing what work, or the value of that work compared to what is expected.  It might be that dividends were not paid, or that the calculations used to arrive at the dividend are in question.

The issue might surround conflict of interests or violations or business opportunities the officers have taken for themselves that should have come through the company.

In other cases, majority interests may be attempting to devalue the interests of majority shareholders through a new merger, or preventing them from gaining access to the corporate books and important documents. In many cases there is an element of deception or outright business fraud.  Shareholder oppression has become much more common recently, and it is important for minority investors and shareholders to stand up to protect their interests.

We Know a San Diego Shareholder Dispute is About Your Money

There are a myriad of reasons for investor disputes, but in the end a San Diego shareholder dispute is about your money.  It’s about protecting your rights and interests and ensuring you have access to information and receive the return on your investment you deserve.

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