Are you looking for a strategy for growth in 2017 in the midst of the winds of change?  One of the fastest and most proven strategies for expanding your company and increasing profitability is to purchase the assets of a competitor to expand your market reach.  An asset purchase agreement allows you to acquire the specific assets, intellectual property, customers, inventory, real estate or other business assets required to reach your goals for 2017.

The experienced mergers and acquisitions attorneys at the Watkins Firm have guided hundreds of companies over decades here in San Diego as they acquired a portion or all of the assets of a competitor, or a portion of a large corporation that is divesting a business division that is not in harmony with their primary business focus.  A well structured asset purchase transaction will include extensive due diligence to ensure the quality, value and condition of the assets to be acquired.  New assets open an expanded marketplace to your company allowing you to enter new geographies or vertical market niches.

Our experienced general business counsel can guide you through the process of identifying potential candidates and negotiating a sound asset purchase.  This is a strategy for growth in 2017 that is tested and proven.  Risks are offset through effective investigation and diligence, and a well crafted acquisition agreement.  We are cautious to protect our clients from any associated liabilities or contingent exposures that might arise from the acquisition.  What heights could you reach with additional equipment, more customers, expanded facilities, complimentary products and intellectual property?  What impact would this have on your bottom line for 2017?

If you are interested in a strategy for growth that is time tested and well established we invite you to contact the experienced business attorneys at the Watkins Firm for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  Learn how an asset purchase can expand your company’s bandwidth and market reach for a successful 2017.

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