The Watkins Firm provides a unique strategy for business litigation in San Diego that is designed to resolve matters quickly and cost-effectively.  Our approach to litigation is designed to get to the core of the issue(s) at hand and create a productive atmosphere between the parties as quickly as possible.  We work to not only thoroughly understand our client’s goals and objectives, we quickly ascertain the extent and value of associated damages.  Damages are the key to any strategy for business litigation in San Diego and our attorneys have the expertise to leverage the damages and actions of other parties to provide incentive for resolution.

The Watkins Firm attorneys can represent you at each step of business litigation: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.  Negotiation provides the fastest and most efficient path to the resolution of a business dispute.  Most disputes and lawsuits are successfully resolved by the Watkins Firm at this stage of the process.  When there are genuine issues of principle or areas where another party may be intransigent, we may recommend mediation or arbitration.  Mediation is an effective strategy that still provides control and influence over the outcome of the dispute.  A neutral mediator will work with both sides to illuminate core issues and to establish potential alternatives for resolution.  The mediator has no power over the process other than as a guide and counselor.

Arbitration is much more formally structured, and you should always have representation in arbitration.  The process begins when the Watkins Firm attorneys and opposing counsel submit briefs to the neutral arbitrator selected by both parties in the dispute.  The arbitration is not bound by all of the rules of law and evidence, however it is highly structured and designed to drive the dispute to resolution within a matter of weeks.  The ruling of the arbiter is almost always final and cannot be appealed without evidence of collusion, fraud or other severe misconduct.

The final strategy for business litigation in San Diego is litigation in a Court of Law.  While business litigation may be the most expensive and time consuming option, there are occasions where it is the right choice for our clients.  We work to achieve our client’s goals and objectives throughout the process and keep them well informed at each step.  This allows our clients to have influence over the settlement or outcome, and to make important decisions along the way.  If you are searching for a law firm with a timely and cost-effective strategy for business litigation in San Diego we invite you to call for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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