What is the best approach to resolving a business dispute in San Diego quickly and cost-effectively?  What should a business owner do if they become involved in a legal dispute or a lawsuit?  The unique approach to disputes and litigation taken by the business attorneys at the Watkins Firm ensures prompt and efficient business dispute resolution.  The majority of these cases are resolved through effective negotiation.  Negotiation is the fastest and least expensive strategy for resolving a business dispute in San Diego.  The Watkins Firm brings decades of successful San Diego business conflict negotiation and litigation experience and expertise to your side of a business dispute.

We work to quickly establish the facts of your case and the core issues associated with the dispute.  What are your goals and objectives for the dispute, and what would an ideal resolution look like to you?  Our attorneys then work to develop leverage in order to gain the attention of the other party, and to engage them in a constructive conversation.  We are small business people ourselves.  We understand the nature of business disputes, and the value of the business relationships that lie beneath them.  We work to repair and preserve the important business relationships for our clients, while resolving the issues of the dispute.

We negotiate “work-arounds” and contract modifications that allow the parties to complete the transaction or continue the profitable relationship they enjoy.  When there are principled issues of disagreement, we represent our clients in mediation.  Mediation provides a neutral third party, who helps the parties to more thoroughly understand each other’s position.  The mediator will suggest alternatives, and combines his or her knowledge of the business issues at hand with legal expertise and real world experience.  The recommendations of the mediator are often quite helpful and often resolve part or all of a business dispute.

When mediation is unsuccessful, the next steps are arbitration or business litigation in a court of law.  The attorneys at the Watkins Firm represent you in each step of the process when necessary.  Our successful track record at trial provides necessary credibility early on in the process.  Opposing counsel know we are willing and able to take the matter to trial, and this provides additional leverage to your side of the dispute throughout each step of the resolution process.

Our approach to resolving a business dispute in San Diego is designed specifically to bring resolution quickly and cost-effectively.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation and to discuss your business dispute at 858-535-1511.

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