The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) recently published a decision which will profoundly affect arbitration clauses for San Diego employers and their employment contracts.  The case, Epic Systems v. Lewis, known commonly as “Epic” concerns the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) and the enforceability of arbitration agreements.  The impact of Epic is especially important when viewed in the context of the recent Dynamex decision and changes regarding the classification of employees in California.

The good news for San Diego employers is Epic provides additional protections and certainty regarding the implementation of arbitration clauses for San Diego employers which require bilateral arbitration.  In most cases, Epic ensures decisions reached in bilateral arbitration will be recognized, upheld and enforced by California courts.

San Diego employers are under substantial pressure from many fronts regarding employees, wage and hour issues, unpaid overtime and the risk of misclassification of independent contractors arising out of the Dynamex ruling.  The Epic decision increases the power of properly formatted arbitration clauses which help to reduce risks associated with employee related litigation and disputes.

The Watkins Firm will review your existing employment contracts and other business contracts with regards to arbitration clauses.  We work to ensure all of your agreements deploy the proper language and protections available under law to reduce the risk of potential litigation and minimize resulting financial exposure.

The SCOTUS Epic decision provides important protections for arbitration clauses for San Diego employers and is good news for San Diego employers.  What is the best way to ensure your contracts and employment agreements contain enforceable arbitration clauses?  How can you reduce risks associated with employee related litigation?

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