It is crucial to work with experienced business attorneys when considering an asset purchase contract in San Diego or Southern California.  There are many things which can go wrong for the buyer in these important and fairly common business transactions.  How can the Watkins Firm business contract and mergers and acquisitions attorneys help to ensure a smooth asset purchase transaction for you?

Asset purchase agreements cover simple transfers such as vehicles or inventory or complex transactions involving real estate, customers, goodwill, and challenges with existing financing, contingent liabilities and tax exposure.  Watkins Firm attorneys provide a sound due diligence process and a well crafted contract for our clients during any asset purchase.

Without our experienced guidance, there are too many things which can go wrong.  It is amazing how many asset purchase transactions fail to identify and include the right parties.  The seller must clearly have the authority and right to convey the asset(s) contained within the transaction.

A business may appear to be healthy on the outside, but due diligence must ensure the assets to be purchased are free from secured or unsecured debt.  The transaction must ensure the seller has the right to convey the asset(s) and there are no contingent liabilities which might affect the buyer in the future such as unpaid taxes or pending litigation.  Even simply asset purchase contracts often require third party releases or consents and other authoritative approvals.

Many asset purchase transactions must provide for financial adjustments after the transaction is completed.  For example, when an asset purchase in San Diego covers the acquisition of a customer base you want to ensure the actual value of that business (as established by the seller) is actually realized once the transaction is completed.  It may be necessary to provide for financial adjustments based upon issues which might arise down the road.

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