Are you looking for a good attorney for business brokers in San Diego or across the State of California?  The Watkins Firm represents business brokers in transactions throughout California.  We provide sound counsel to our business broker clients.  We help them to avoid expensive challenges and identify potential pitfalls early on in a business transaction.  We provide cost-effective and timely support throughout the process to help ensure our business broker client’s transactions result in smooth, successful results.

Business brokers are the bridge between a buyer and a seller.  Buy Sell transactions and the sale or purchase of a company or an interest in the company can be quite complex.  As a business broker, you are paid to help your clients to acquire or sell a business while protecting their interests in the transaction.  While you are not an attorney, you are definitely exposed to legal risks and the potential ultimately for litigation.  We work to eliminate those risks.  We also work to help you to successfully evaluate each transaction and develop a strategy to help a buyer and seller come together.

It might surprise you to learn we often provide free consultation on many deals for our business broker clients.  It’s simply good business – for our client as well as the Watkins Firm.  If a business broker has a question we can give them the right answer quickly, without having to go look it up and without adding expense to the deal.  In many situations, the structure of the transaction itself must be tailored to meet federal, state and local laws and regulatory compliance issues.  In other deals, it’s about structuring the transaction to help the process of qualifying for financing.

Many vertical markets have unique legal and technical issues which must be addressed.  Medical practices and the healthcare industry are a prime example of complex transactions due to extensive federal and state laws and regulatory compliance.

If you are looking for an attorney for business brokers in San Diego or anywhere in California we invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.  We are not only here to answer your questions.  We’re looking to build a strong business relationship which will serve you for months and years to come while increasing your success rate as well as the value of your bank accounts.

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