A breach of Contract Resolution in San Diego doesn’t have to involve business litigation.  In most cases breach of contract disputes are resolved through effective, leveraged negotiation.  The experienced breach of contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience representing those who are victims of breach of contract, and defending allegations of contract breach.  We understand the critical nature of business contracts and the importance of preserving important business relationships.  We work to quickly identify the facts in the case and quantify potential damages.  This provides the leverage needed to move the parties into a constructive negotiation.

If someone has breached a contract with you, it is your responsibility to take prompt, reasonable and prudent actions to reduce your losses and “mitigate the damages” associated with the breach.  If you fail to do so the party who breached the contract may be liable for fewer or no damages as a result of the breach.  While the parties are assessing the impact of the breach our attorneys explore options in order to negotiate a “work-around” – a new solution that incorporates the realities of the cause of the original brief while charting a new course to achieve the “benefit of the bargain” sought by both parties.

Negotiation is the fastest, least expensive and most productive strategy for breach of contract resolution in San Diego and Southern California.  It provides the greatest opportunity to preserve important underlying relationships and keep business moving forward profitably and productively.  If there is a substantial disagreement that has arisen between the two parties, mediation is another alternative to achieve quick and efficient results.  Your attorneys at the Watkins Firm will represent you at each step in the process and work diligently to resolve the business dispute while accomplishing your goals and objectives.

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