The Watkins Firm helps our clients to protect and enhance revenues through enhanced business contracts with customers in San Diego.  The contracts between a San Diego business and their customers play an important role in the success and profitability of any company.  Sales agreements establish the terms with which your company will provide goods and services to your customers, and how and when payment will be completed.  The quality of your sales agreements will go a long way to eliminating disputes and preserving valuable customer relationships.

Service agreements provide valuable ongoing revenues, and increase the net profitability of all businesses.  Ongoing service relationships and monthly service agreements must be carefully constructed to limit your own company’s liabilities while ensuring that the revenue will continue to flow.  Sales and service agreements should be carefully crafted to reduce the likelihood of dispute, while preserving a smooth flow of business and timely delivery and payment.

These important business contracts with customers in San Diego should establish all aspects of the transaction including a clear, concise and accurate description of the goods and services to be provided, and a clear time frame for the transaction.  Payment terms should be clearly established, and the venues and processes to resolve any disputes that might arise during or after the transaction.  Ongoing service revenues should be automatically collected whenever possible and policies regarding questions or disputes as well as cancellation clearly provided for.

The business contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm understand the foundational aspect of business contracts and their impact upon the success of any company.  We carefully craft our contracts to reduce areas of ambiguity and the litigation that could arise as a result.  Our contracts guide the parties smoothly through the transaction, and control the ongoing relationship and valuable service revenues that follow.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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