There is nothing more costly in terms of capital, resources and loss of business focus and opportunity than a business partnership dispute.  When a significant disagreement develops between members in an LLC or partners in a business venture the primary focus on the day-to-day business decisions is interrupted.  Valuable internal resources are spent dealing with the dispute and posturing.  The San Diego business dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm understand the nature of small business disputes.  We can show you how business partnership disputes can be resolved quickly and cost effectively while preserving important business relationships.

In some cases, concerns are centered on the use of money and the potential of partnership theft or commingling of assets.  In other cases one member feels that they are doing much more to contribute to the success of the business itself than another member.  As small business professionals with decades of successful experience we enter the situation with a constructive and positive approach that is designed to achieve prompt, cost-effect results.  Our unique approach to business disputes is focused upon cost-effective strategies designed to put the matter to rest in the shortest possible time frame.  We work to surface the issue(s) in dispute and apply our extensive experience and expertise to recommend and implement solutions that move the parties away from conflict and toward a solution that works for all parties.

In some cases a transition may need to occur.  New expertise may need to be brought into the company to supplement the roles of existing members.  In others, one member may buy out another, or work to re-allocate the distribution of profits and income.  These cases are usually resolved through effective constructive negotiation.  This is the fastest and least expensive path forward, while providing a solid foundation for the future.  Our seasoned attorneys help our clients to understand how business partnership disputes can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively and the steps required to move the conversation forward.

If you are looking for legal support from an experienced legal team who will not dump gasoline on the fire in order to generate additional conflict (and higher legal fees) we invite you to contact us or call today for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  Learn how we can contribute to a quick resolution that will help to remove conflict and move your business forward.

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