We are often asked “Can I do this important business transaction?”  Is it legal? How crucial are due diligence and carefully crafted business contracts to ensure smooth business transactions in San Diego?

After almost four decades of service in the San Diego business community I can tell you that the reason for a business contract is to reduce the likelihood and ultimately the cost of a dispute.  Almost every party enters a business contract or transaction with the best of intentions.  While there are still issues of fraud, and disingenuous business dealings in the world most parties mean well.  I can also tell you that the chances of your company becoming involved in a business dispute are not a question of “if” but a question of “when.”

Can I Do This Important Business Transaction in San Diego?  My answer is almost without exception “YES!”  As long as the contract which governs the business transaction is carefully crafted and we’ve completed our due diligence.

Today’s business environment is competitive, and all of us work to reduce overhead and costs.  Business contracts are an area where many business people believe they can save a few dollars.  The issue with downloaded contracts or agreements which one has used in a previous experience and modified for the present is this:

The contract leaves too many legal areas of vague or unspecified aspects which leave ample room for a business dispute or business litigation

I can tell you from almost four decades of experience in San Diego business:

The odds of success or the amount of time, expense and ultimately the losses you will bear are directly related to the quality of the contract which governs the underlying transaction or relationship.

The experienced San Diego business attorneys at the Watkins Firm understand the realities of today’s business.  We work to negotiate, review, create or edit contracts efficiently and cost-effectively.  It is in our client’s best interest to ensure that contracts are as easy for the parties to understand as possible, while clearly capturing all of the aspects of the agreement between the parties.

How crucial are effective business contracts for important relationships and transactions in San Diego?  The answer is simple: How important is it to your short and long term business objectives for this specific transaction or relationship to go well?  The cost of a dispute shocks many business owners.  The cost of hiring the Watkins Firm to carefully craft business contracts for important relationships and transactions is less than they usually expect.

“Can I Do This Important Business Transaction in San Diego?”  Yes!, with the help of the Watkins Firm.  We invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the business transaction and contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.

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