It is possible to hold a business accountable for fraud.  Fraud in San Diego is more common than you may think.  While most business contracts and transactions are entered into in good faith, some transactions may not be what they seem.

For example, a business induced one of our clients to design, develop and host a website in order to promote their company.  The business owners promised to share revenue generated from product sales from the site.  In addition, our client was asked to make an investment (a loan) to the company in exchange for shares of stock.  Unfortunately, the company refused to provide sales reports to our client, did not make any revenue related payments and never issued the promised shares of common stock.

The Watkins Firm business litigation and fraud attorneys have decades of experience holding individuals and businesses accountable in these types of situations.  While it is always best to consult with the Watkins Firm at each step of the process above we understand the realities of many small business deals.  Our business contracts would have prevented the situation above from arising in the first place, and placed the client in a much stronger position while providing additional leverage.

We successfully pursued the company and individuals involved, and held them accountable for their fraudulent actions.  Once you realize the other party is not keeping their word it is important to reach out to the Watkins Firm for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

We can provide the ongoing guidance, suggested written communications and legal steps necessary to regain control of the situation and resolve potential financial and business related disputes before they arise.

You can hold a business accountable for fraud or the failure to abide by a written or spoken agreement in San Diego.  These cases require extensive legal skill, experience and expertise.  The Watkins Firm attorneys are seasoned and proven lawyers with a practical business outlook based upon decades of local service.  We can help you to hold others accountable for the breach of a contract or outright fraud.

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