The experienced attorneys at the Watkins Firm understand commercial real estate law in San Diego is about successful contracts and relationships.  Our firm has completed thousands of real estate transactions and contracts over the past several decades here in San Diego.  Many real estate developers and entrepreneurs are a bit nervous to introduce a lawyer into the mix, fearing that it will disrupt the “positive atmosphere and working relationship” surrounding the deal. We get that.

Watkins Firm attorneys work diligently to preserve and foster working relationships throughout the transaction.  This forms the foundation for negotiating and developing the types of agreements and contracts which capture the substance and critical components of the agreement between the parties, while establishing a process and time frame for the completion of a successful transaction.

Our firm handles all elements of commercial real estate law from raising capital for acquisition and development, land use and zoning, contracting, financing, leasing, purchase agreements, sales contracts, and managing any dispute that might arise between our clients and the other parties of a transaction.

We work to ensure accurate and comprehensive disclosure of defects and known issues.  We help buyers to conduct due diligence while ensuring other encumbrances such as easements and clouded title issues are identified and resolved.

Commercial real estate law in San Diego is about successful contracts which move the parties successfully from the signing of a purchase contract through closing.  We protect our client’s interests while maintaining the positive working atmosphere which is so crucial to these complex and financially substantial transactions.

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