Are you a San Diego homeowner involved in a dispute with a solar company or installation team?  Do you have construction defects defective panels and roof leaks resulting from the installation of solar at your home?  Solar power continues to rapidly grow throughout San Diego and southern California.  The advent of leasing has increased the San Diego solar market by more than 60%.  What happens when solar panels are defective or roof leaks arise from poor installation or workmanship?  Where can a homeowner turn when solar power companies use deceptive marketing tactics and unfair competition and advertising in order to make a sale?

The experienced litigation attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of service to the San Diego community.  If you are concerned about a breach of contract, defective materials, poor workmanship, roof leaks or deceptive marketing practices regarding your solar company we invite you to call 858-535-1511 to discuss your case.  Our firm takes a unique approach to disputes and litigation designed to resolve the dispute in the shortest possible time frame and in a cost-effective manner.  We understand the nature of disputes with contractors and installation crews who may have caused damage to your home.  How are these cases resolved?

The vast majority of business and contractor related disputes in San Diego are resolved through effective leveraged negotiation.  The Watkins Firm attorneys take action to gain the other party’s attention while driving home the financial damages associated with the dispute and the power of the law as it relates to these transactions in California.  When a serious disagreement of principle arises mediation and arbitration provide a sound alternative to litigation in a Court of Law.  When necessary we will take your case before a San Diego Court to pursue your objectives and goals.  If there are construction defects defective panels and roof leaks associated with your solar installation we can help.

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