Why are business contracts so important?  A contract dispute in San Diego can lead to expensive litigation and consumption of valuable company resources.  Business contract disputes happen for one reason: poorly crafted business contracts.  When the Watkins Firm carefully crafts our business contracts we remove as much of the gray areas and ambiguity as possible.  These are the issues where disagreement arise and become the source of expensive contract related disputes.

When a company downloads contracts off of a paid legal website, or tries to edit a contract they found online they risk substantial litigation and liability under California business and contract law.  California has some of the most advanced and complex business laws in the United States.  These nuances must be addressed in every business contract.  In addition, an effective business contract attorney must anticipate every potential issue that might come up and every challenge that could interrupt an otherwise smooth transaction or relationship.  We then specify the specific steps the parties will go through to work through these unexpected challenges in an orderly and cost-effective manner.  The underlying business contract itself is your best defense against any dispute or litigation in the future.

When a contract dispute in San Diego arises the attorneys at the Watkins Firm utilize a unique approach to resolve the contract dispute.  The vast majority of contract disputes are resolved through effective and leveraged negotiation.  We work to identify all of the potential damages as this is the key to litigation in San Diego.  We use this information and the associated damages as leverage to open constructive negotiations with the other party.  Opposing counsel know that the Watkins Firm can handle your dispute through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or a trial.  They know our track record of success and this provides additional leverage to successfully achieve our client’s goals and objectives.

A contract dispute in San Diego can lead to expensive litigation as well as consumption of resources and time.   We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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