Are you looking for experienced and proven corporate attorneys for medical and healthcare businesses in San Diego?  The Watkins Firm has decades of experience serving the San Diego healthcare and medical business practitioners and professionals.  We understand the complexities associated with the healthcare industry and the substantial regulatory compliance required to protect your patient’s information as well as the integrity and success of your company or practice.

In order to be efficient and effective corporate attorneys for medical and healthcare businesses you must have extensive experience and sophisticated understanding of all federal, state and local laws and ordinances.  This begins with the formation of your medical business or healthcare entity.  California has unique and extensive laws which govern the structure and ownership of healthcare practices and medical business within our state.  We help you to understand the laws and advantages they provide as well as how to form and protect your California Professional Corporation or business entity.

We ensure you and your team are kept up to date on all HIPAA and OSHA issues and compliance.  We help to negotiate agreements with medical practitioners and professionals which protect your organization while positioning those who provide services to thrive and advance your company’s business objectives.

We help to structure all medical employment agreements and contracts as well as the processes associated with hiring, onboarding, managing, evaluating and when necessary terminating employees and professionals who are not helping to advance your business goals.  We help you to understand Dynamex and the powerful impact this decision may have upon your healthcare entity.

We understand the nature of insurance, terminology and billing codes and help to ensure your company has the greatest opportunity to receive payment for the services you deliver.

You don’t have to worry about the “business” end of things.  The Watkins Firm are experienced corporate attorneys for medical and healthcare businesses in San Diego and across Southern California.  We invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 to learn more about our services and all we can do to help your healthcare related venture succeed.

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