Hurricane Harvey has reminded us of a classic question: Is this covered by my insurance or not?  There is a continuous line between honest mistake and poor knowledge on the part of insurance company representatives and insurance bad faith which results from denial of a valid claim due to “coverage questions.”  The experienced insurance attorneys at the Watkins Firm protect business owners and individuals alike in questions involving insurance coverage and valid policy claims.  There are many cases where insurance representatives have told their customers their insurance policy didn’t cover a claim when in fact it did.  Our insurance coverage analysis and claim denial team review the policy and determine the coverage of the policy as it relates to a claim.  We can help to protect your interests and ensure your insurance company provides the coverage you’ve paid for.

There are several actions your insurance company may take which rise to the level of insurance bad faith.  California law is very clear and requires them to respond promptly to your claims and resolve them fairly within a reasonable time period.  If your insurance company is dragging their feet with your claim, or you receive a denial letter without clear reasoning and justification for the denial or if they tell you not to hire an attorney you should contact the Watkins Firm immediately for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

In some cases this is simply poor judgement or miscommunication within the insurance company.  In others it may rise to the level of insurance bad faith resulting in several legal consequences.  We represent insurance policy holders in breach of contract lawsuits to demand payment of the benefits promised by the policy and accrued interest.  We can pursue insurance bad faith damages which include substantial financial penalties for your losses, the stress caused by the misrepresentations of the insurance company and our attorneys fees.  In cases where there is actual malice or fraud on the part of the insurer, substantial punitive damages may be awarded to penalize the insurance carrier for their behavior.  You should never have ask the question Is This Covered by My Insurance or Not when you believe your policy covers what has happened.



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