Financial damages are the center of any business dispute as any ultimate settlement or judgment will take the form of the financial equivalent of losses borne as a result of the dispute or litigation.  The Watkins Firm is committed to serving our clients and helping them to achieve their goals for any dispute, lawsuit or business related litigation.  Almost all of our clients ask us to resolve disputes and lawsuits in the shortest possible time frame and for the least amount of cost possible, while still achieving their objectives.  The Watkins Firm deploys a unique strategy designed to provide our clients the upper hand, driving the fastest and most economical resolution to the dispute while accomplishing these objectives.

In any dispute, breach of contract or business related lawsuit the first action our attorneys will take is to gain an accurate and timely assessment of potential damages.  In most situations a party who will suffer a loss due to a breach or the action or inaction of another party will seek financial damages to compensate them for the additional expenses they were forced to invest, as well as the cost of achieving the “benefit of the bargain” or product of the relationship expected prior to the dispute.  If a party intends to seek damages they must take action to mitigate their losses according to California or federal law.  The failure to do so can limit or bar any legal claim altogether in the future.

Financial damages are the center of any business dispute as it is the damages that provide the leverage to gain the attention and often the cooperation of other parties to negotiate or mediate a resolution to the dispute.  The Watkins Firm’s mastery of the damages is what helps us to drive a positive and timely resolution in almost all cases.  If you are seeking a legal partner who will work to resolve your business dispute or business litigation in a prompt and cost-effective manner while aggressively working to achieve your goals we invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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