What should you do if you know you can’t fulfill the terms of a contract your business has entered into?  The failure to fulfill a contractual agreement per the terms of the contract is known legally as a breach of contract.  Breach of contract often leads to a lawsuit between the parties and the potential for damage to a previously successful business relationship.  What action should you take?  Defending a potential breach of contract requires extensive legal experience and expertise as well as business savvy and an understanding of the nature and importance of business relationships.  The experienced contract dispute and litigation defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience in these matters.  We are able to negotiate a positive resolution in the majority of these cases that resolves the dispute quickly and cost-effectively.

If you are concerned about a potential breach of contract we invite you to call for a free consultation immediately at 858-535-1511.  We work to minimize potential damages, and to keep the channels of constructive communication between the parties open.  In some cases, our attorneys negotiate a “work-around” based upon what has transpired.  Some events are outside of your control, and the inability to receive a vital component or to complete work within contract time frames can not be resolved by simply “working harder or more hours.”  Our unique approach to contract disputes ensures that the issue is resolved as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible, while preserving the valued business relationships that lie beneath the contract itself.

The other party has a responsibility to mitigate the damages that might arise as a result of the breach, and if they fail to do so it can limit or eliminate their ability to come back upon you to recover those losses.  Our attorneys work to keep a productive relationship in place while a resolution can be found and implemented.  We keep your costs down while resolving what could have become an expensive and time consuming business litigation.

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