The Watkins Firm has decades of experience and expertise defending employers in San Diego from accusations of harassment, retaliation and discrimination.  If you are a San Diego business owner or corporate manager and you are concerned about a lawsuit from an employee we can help to reduce or eliminate your exposure.  These cases are all about the facts and the people involved, as well as the alleged impact the issue has had upon the life of the employee.  We have worked with several business clients who felt their case was hopeless, and helped them to aggressively defend their interests and win at trial.

The Watkins Firm has a unique strategy that immediately attacks the core of these cases.  We work with our clients to manage not only the dispute itself, but to work through the impact of the dispute on the atmosphere of the workplace.  We protect careers.  There is hope, even when you feel all of the facts are stacked against you.  California may have some of the most challenging employment courts in the United States from the perspective of a business owner or manager, but our attorneys work effectively within California and Federal law to protect our clients and ultimately carry the day.  Imagine the joy of a client who felt there was absolutely no hope at the outset on the day of our total and absolute victory in Court!  Ask about our track record in these cases.  The Watkins Firm can and will absolutely make a difference in the outcome of your case.

We defend employers against accusations including, but not limited to:

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