The Watkins Firm has extensive experience defending organic class action lawsuits in San Diego.  California has very specific laws concerning agricultural, food and dairy products which can be labeled as “organic.”  The labeling of food as “organic” is governed by the Federal Organic Foods Production Act of 1990, as well as the California Organic Products Act of 2003.  The California Department of Public Health is responsible for enforcing laws on products which are marketed here in San Diego and across California as “organic.”  Additional enforcement responsibilities are shared by the USDA and California County Agricultural Commissioners, as well as the California Organic Products Advisory Committee.

The statutes above were enacted to protect consumers, as well as those who produce, handle and sell processed and fresh foods or agricultural products.  Producers, growers and agricultural interests are required by law to be “certified” if annual gross “organic” product sales exceed $5,000.  The federal and state regulations governing the labeling of a product or agricultural product as “organic” can be quite complex.  These statutes cover many aspects from the nature of the soil and the products applied to a product as it is growing, as well as the process of harvesting, producing, packaging and distribution.  If the organic question involves meats or dairy products, the statutes cover many issues including the living conditions of associated animals, their natural behaviors, feed, forage sources (and the manner in which those forage sources are maintained) as well as the prohibition of many antibiotics or hormones.


What happens if you are accused of violating the federal or State of California laws regarding the labeling of organic food products?  In many cases, plaintiff’s attorneys will attempt to file a class action lawsuit against growers, producers and/or distributors of the organic product in question.  There are several successful strategies to defeat the attempt to certify a class or to disrupt the representative cases that make up the class.  The Watkins Firm has decades of experience defending San Diego and southern California business owners and agricultural interests in lawsuits and disputes.  We bring a unique approach to defending organic class action lawsuits in San Diego which is designed to diffuse the situation quickly and resolve it in a manner that reflects our client’s goals and objectives.


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