The Watkins Firm has a strong, proven track record defending San Diego businesses in breach of contract cases and disputes.  A breach of contract is the most common form of business to business dispute or business litigation.  Many business owners and managers falsely believe there is no way to avoid the consequences of breaching a contract or agreement.  There are many reasons why a company may be forced to breach a contract and many successful strategies to defend a breach of contract while seeking to develop a work-around which will allow the parties to recover from the breach and enjoy the benefit of the bargain anticipated at the outset.

Our experienced business litigation attorneys take a unique approach designed to defend a breach of contract and resolve the dispute quickly and cost-effectively.  Breach of contract cases are all about the damages.  The party who is potentially harmed by the breach has a legal responsibility to take prompt, reasonable action to reduce the financial and practical business impact of the breach.  This is known as “mitigating the damages” in a breach of contract.

The failure to mitigate the damages is a firm and successful strategy when defending San Diego businesses in breach of contract cases.  Most of these disputes are resolved through effective negotiation.  We help opposing parties to understand the nature and cause of the breach while providing alternatives to allow the transaction or relationship to continue.  It may be necessary to offer additional incentive to the other party to resolve the dispute.

Watkins Firm attorneys work with our clients to establish clear objectives and goals.  We help our clients to understand their potential exposure to risk, liability and financial damages.  We provide sound counsel and take the action necessary to reduce the impact of the breach upon our clients.

Defending San Diego businesses in breach of contract cases requires legal skill, experience and genuine business savvy.  We invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.

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