The Watkins Firm has decades of experience defending San Diego employers from employee related litigation such as wage and hour disputes, unpaid overtime,  discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation allegations.  Employee disputes cascade through the organization and impact the operations of business at multiple levels.  As a business owner or manager it is important to aggressively defend yourself against allegations of wrong doing by employees.

These cases are extremely fact specific, and the Watkins Firm has a strong record of success defending employers and business owners – even when the client themselves thought their chances were poor.  Actions taken and behavior is one thing.  Proving that those actions and behavior constitutes retaliation, or that alleged sexual harassment actually caused harm to an employee is a completely separate matter.

Defending San Diego employers in employee related litigation begins with strong employment contracts.  We help our clients to develop strong policies and procedures and implement consistent documented practices for all areas of employment from the hiring process through onboarding, training, performance evaluation, disciplinary procedures and ultimately termination.  We work with our clients to ensure best practices in all area of employee related business matters to prevent employee lawsuits and complaints to federal or state agencies which can result in expensive investigations, hearings and ultimately judgments.

The Watkins Firm helps you as an employer to stand up to employee threats, agency inquiries and lawsuits while maintaining a legal position which does not cross the line into retaliation or harassment.

If you are looking for seasoned, proven and experienced attorneys with a successful history of defending San Diego employers in employee disputes we invite you contact the Watkins Firm or call us for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.  We will share results from cases just like yours, and help you to understand and implement the strategies that will help to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

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