The Watkins Firm has decades of experience defending wage and hour class action lawsuits and other business litigation in San Diego for decades.  Wage and hour class action lawsuits represent a significant financial risk which may threaten the viability of your company.  Our experienced and proven employer defense and class action attorneys work to prevent the certification of a class and protect our clients from the potentially devastating exposure created by a class action lawsuit.

There are several potential areas of exposure for San Diego employers under federal and state wage and hour laws.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Unpaid Overtime
  • Minimum Wage Violations
  • Commissions Disputes
  • Meal and Rest Breaks
  • Donning & Doffing Issues
  • Uniforms

When plaintiff’s lawyers hear of an issue within your company related to a wage and hour claim it is in their financial interest to fan the flame and attempt to create a lucrative “class” of cases against your company.  They urge their client to contact their former workers and even those who are still under your employ in an attempt to garner a large number of allegedly similar cases.  The plaintiff’s attorneys will next approach the court and present “representative cases” which they assert represent a huge class of plaintiffs with similar lawsuits.

Our experienced class action attorneys have significant and proven experience defending wage and hour class action lawsuits in San Diego and across Southern California.  We work to dismantle the class allegations contained within the plaintiff’s case.  We work to prove the “representative cases” are actually quite different and therefore no class action exists.  We diffuse the common nature of the class which removes the incentive for a plaintiff’s attorney to move forward with the case.  We work with our clients to prove existing policies and procedures and their consistent application make the foundations of the lawsuit untenable.

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