The Watkins Firm provides defense for San Diego employers facing Labor Commission hearings or conferences and other state and federal agency inquiries.  Usually, these cases begin with a complaint by an employee or former employee to a state or federal agency.  California’s Labor Commissioner and state agencies often refer to “wage theft” which they believe occurs when an employer fails to pay their employees for work and overtime.  The goal of the Labor Commissioner is to administer “economic justice” against California employers.  There are two things which are important to understand if you are contacted by a federal or state agency: There is no such thing as an “informal” hearing, and the target of these inquiries is your company’s checkbook.

If you are contacted by a federal or state employment or labor related agency contact the Watkins Firm immediately or call for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  You do not want to respond to their correspondence or attend any meeting, hearing or conference without expert representation.

You may be invited to attend an “informal” hearing or conference.  This “informal” meeting will begin with you being grilled by the hearing officer regarding California labor and wage and hour laws, and how they are implemented within your company.  The Deputy Labor Commissioner or hearing officer is an expert in the law, and the vast majority of San Diego employers are unprepared to answer the barrage of questions they will immediately face.  This is why it is important for the Watkins Firm to provide a firm defense for San Diego employers facing Labor Commission hearings or conferences.

Once the hearing officer has established your lack of expertise in the law, they will conclude something to the effect of “the employee must be right, you obviously do not understand California labor laws so how could you be believed in this case.”  The next comment will be “Let’s move into negotiations for the settlement of this matter,” (read: the size of the check you’re about to write).

The Watkins Firm provides defense for San Diego employers facing Labor Commission hearings and conferences.  We help our clients to prepare for these meetings, and guides the conversation to ensure a more successful outcome.  We respond to the initial complaint providing substantive documentation and requesting an immediate dismissal of the case.  At the “informal” meeting or hearing, we respond succinctly and directly to the hearing officer’s questions while ensuring the process does not become a fishing expedition.  We keep the hearing officer and the meeting on track, focused upon disproving the allegations and moving the process toward a positive resolution for our clients.

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