How do you resolve a dispute between business owners in San Diego without losing the business itself?  How do you protect the underlying relationships when there are genuine issues in a dispute between the co-owners of a business?  The attorneys at the Watkins Firm have advised business owners for decades, and our unique approach to business disputes provides the right energy and experience to move a dispute toward resolution.  The benefit of a neutral third party, and the perspective and expertise we bring to these situations help the parties to set aside hardened positions and work through the dispute in a more collaborative way.

We understand going into these situations, each party has deeply held issues and concerns.  Our work focuses on the issues themselves, and getting things out into the open.  We help to find common ground, and then begin working on resolving the business dispute at hand.  Our work is efficient and cost-effective as it is informed by the experiences of hundreds of business owners just like you who have found themselves in a dispute.  We’ve successfully helped countless business owners in the past, and we will put several potential solutions on the table and work through challenges from each perspective to reach a solution.

The first priority is usually the preservation of the business itself, and to protect the valuation of each owner’s interest in the business.  In most cases we are able to find a middle ground, preserve the relationship, and strengthen the business in a short period of time.  In many cases the growing pains beneath the dispute are actually a good sign, and we help the parties to get through their differences and prepare for fresh investment or the addition of a new parties who bring needed skill sets to the company.  In a few cases the dispute between business owners in San Diego is simply too developed, or one party is simply unable to fulfill obligations.  In these instances, it is important to preserve the relationship and work out a process to help one of the parties to step out of an active role, or bring in new investors to buy-out one of the ownership interests so that the company can move forward.

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