How can you resolve a dispute between co-owners of a San Diego business without disrupting the ongoing operations of the company itself?  When owner members of an LLC or business partners become involved in a dispute it can affect every aspect of the underlying business.  If there are other employees, the company culture can become affected by the nature of the dispute between ownership.  It is natural for employees to take sides, but this is not usually in the best interests of the company.

The experienced dispute resolution attorneys at the Watkins Firm have helped to resolve a dispute between owners of a San Diego business or corporation for decades.  Our unique approach to solving disputes puts the client’s needs first and foremost.  This approach is designed to bring the parties together and resolve disputes in the shortest possible time frame and in a cost-effective manner.  It is important to note that most disputes are resolved through effective and leveraged negotiation.  Our attorneys gain the insight and the financial leverage that arises out of damages and lost opportunities to gain the attention of other parties and invite them to a productive negotiation.

It is important to get to the core of the issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.  Our attorneys understand the sensitive nature of these relationships.  Often, co-members in an LLC are family members or close friends.  Their spouses and children’s lives are intertwined in the business relationship and it is important to help preserve and in some cases repair the underlying relationship while resolving the dispute at hand.

In some cases mediation is an excellent tool to consider.  In a mediation a neutral third party hears the perspectives of both sides, and recommends potential solutions based upon expensive business and legal experience and expertise.  Your attorney from the Watkins Firm represents you through this process ensuring that your ideas and goals are heard and acted upon.  If you are involved in a dispute between co-owners of a San Diego business we invite you to contact us or call for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  Learn what we can do to help you through this challenge and resolve the dispute quickly and cost-effectively.

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