A dispute over a business contract is preventable with the help of experienced San Diego business contract attorneys.  The Watkins Firm has decades of experience drafting enforceable business contracts designed to move the parties smoothly through any transaction or relationship.  It may seem obvious, but most contract related disputes are due to vague terms and unforeseen circumstances.  The more vague contract terms become, the more room there is for disagreement and dispute between the parties.

Many new business owners attempt to download contracts from a forms website or copy existing contracts from the internet or a previous work experience.  The issue with most downloaded forms is they do not adequately cover the unique variations of California laws and regulatory compliance requirements.  These “boilerplate” contracts are loosely written to form an outline.  Without the guidance and carefully crafted clauses and legal phrases provided by the Watkins Firm, these boilerplate contracts fail to hold up when a dispute breaks out.  It is therefore left to a judge, mediator or arbitrator to attempt to discern the original intent of the parties, the “benefit of the bargain” each intended and the understandings of each party at the outset.  Untangling these legal knots is quite time consuming and expensive.

The fact is a dispute over a business contract is preventable for a modest cost, especially if the agreement can be used again and again.  Our seasoned contract attorneys ensure that the contract captures the entire agreement between the parties and clearly establishes the role of each participant.  Our well crafted agreements anticipate almost all of the potential issues that could arise during the course of the transaction or underlying relationship and how these bumps in the road are to be handled.

This reduces vague terms, and establishes a clear path in the even one of the parties fails to uphold the terms of the contract.  If you are interested in smooth business operations, relationships and transactions we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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