Disputes between business partners can put your company in jeopardy quickly.  Disputes between partners drive a wedge between critical managers of your company, distracting you from the primary focus of managing the business.  Disputes between business partners or members in an LLC can arise for a number of reasons, including:

Whatever the reason for the dispute, it is important for business partners to find common ground and resolve their differences before a small dispute becomes a genuine issue leading to a lawsuit.  The Watkins Firm have advised thousands of business partners across our decades of service, and in many cases partnership disputes can be quickly and positively resolved.  Our unique approach to disputes fosters a positive and constructive working atmosphere while we get to the core of the dispute and negotiate to resolve it.

In some cases the other party is unaware of the issues at hand, and it is a matter of bringing it to their attention, setting new expectations and locking those in place with appropriate agreements.  You should never confront a business partner if you suspect them of commingling or theft.  Our experienced team will work with you to gather the information necessary to document the issues at hand, and develop a strategy to accomplish your goals while protecting the integrity and viability of the company.

In some cases, one of the partners needs to exit the company.  How is that handled?  Do we need to attract new investors to resolve money challenges and provide necessary working capital?  If you are involved in disputes between business partners we invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call today for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.  Learn about our track record of successfully resolving conflict and disputes in other situations like yours, and the efficient cost-effective strategies that work to resolve differences and position a company for growth.

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