Do You Need Help Negotiating a Commercial Lease in San Diego or Southern California?  Every successful San Diego business needs the right space from which they may conduct their business.  The structure and financial details associated with your commercial lease will make a big difference in the profitability of your company and ultimately the success of your business.  The commercial lease attorneys at the Watkins Firm have negotiated leasing agreements for our business clients for decades.  We work to ensure your interests are protected while ensuring the space you lease as well as the supporting facilities and even parking facilitate your company and its work force.

Commercial leases used to be fairly straight forward.  Today’s commercial lease is an extensive document which must cover a host of complex legal issues surrounding landlord/tenant law, space modification or build-to-suit, and all services to be included.  How do you know you are getting the best possible deal and that all of the concessions of your landlord are contained within the lease document itself?

Your Watkins Firm commercial lease attorney will work with you to establish specific goals and objectives.  We will negotiate on your behalf to ensure all terms are advantageous and well documented including but not limited to:

  • Lease term and rental structure
  • Utilities
  • Inclusive services (i.e cleaning, maintenance, repair)
  • Access to rest rooms and other common areas
  • Designated parking
  • Modifications / Build-Outs

We review all commercial lease documents so that our clients may enter into these crucial business agreements with confidence.  The experienced business litigation and dispute resolution attorneys at the Watkins Firm represent our clients in any dispute which may arise due to their commercial lease.  It may be necessary to negotiate more space, renegotiate specific terms or achieve an early-out settlement or the termination of a commercial lease.

Do you need help negotiating a commercial lease in San Diego?  Our attorneys provide you with peace of mind knowing you have achieved the best deal possible while ensuring all points of agreement are properly formatted and contained within leasing documents.


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