Well crafted and effective business contracts guide relationships and transactions through potential challenges to a successful outcome, while reducing or eliminating the likelihood of litigation.  The business contract is the foundation of all business transactions.  However, it is surprising how many contracts employed by San Diego small and mid-sized businesses were downloaded from a forms site and modified to save a few dollars.  Many substantial transactions and business relationships are governed by contracts that were prepared by well meaning business people who try to avoid a small expenditure with a trusted legal partner while opening themselves to significant risk and liability.

When a dispute arises between business parties, or a breach of contract occurs the first place to look is the business contract that governs the relationship.  Effective business contracts clearly define the role and responsibilities of the parties, contract deliverables, time frames, and potential obstacles that might arise.  They prescribe a remedy for resolving disagreements, while providing a roadmap to successfully guide the transaction from beginning to completion.  Poorly constructed contracts contain vague terms and are missing critical clauses and structure.  The cost to litigate disagreements that arise out of a poorly written contract are exponentially higher, as a Court or other arbiter must piece together the intent of the agreement and the resulting obligations of each party.

The experienced business attorneys at the Watkins Firm would save you from this experience, and prevent substantial expenditures to litigate or resolve disagreements that could have been prevented for a few hundred dollars.  When we craft a business contract for a client, they are able to use it over and over again confident in the knowledge that it is well crafted and legally sound.  Working from a downloaded form repeatedly greatly increases the odds that a costly dispute will arise.  We invite you to open a conversation about your business contracts, and invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call us for a free and substantial consultation at 858-535-1511.

We will discuss the contract(s) needed, the risks and benefits, and provide a budget you can count on before you agree to retain us.

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