Business litigation in San Diego consumes valuable resources and can carry on for more than a year.  Our Courts are backlogged with cases, and Judges are instructing the parties to search for effective resolution of San Diego business litigation cases.  The experienced business litigation attorneys at the Watkins Firm take a unique approach to litigation with the goal of resolving these cases quickly and cost-effectively.

Business to business lawsuits that appear to be headed to trial usually involve a substantial amount of money.  They also often involve a business relationship that both parties have found to be valuable over a period of years.  Often, a change in the market or a single event in the business relationship leads to a bitter dispute resulting in a lawsuit.  Our attorneys work to diffuse as much tension as possible in order to establish a more productive atmosphere conducive to effective negotiation.  We establish goals and objectives with our clients, and work diligently to negotiate a resolution while repairing the underlying relationship at the same time.

The effective resolution of San Diego business litigation requires leverage and negotiation skill.  We work to assess and quantify associated damages, and use these as leverage to get the other parties attention and commitment to a resolution.  This is key.  Watkins Firm lawyers work to resolve as many of the issues in dispute as possible through negotiation.  This is the fastest and least expensive alternative to resolve business disputes.

When issues of genuine principle remain, mediation is a timely and cost-effective option.  In mediation a neutral third party (mediator) works with the sides to help them to understand each other’s perspective, and to provide additional expertise on both the issues at hand and the laws that will ultimately decide them.  The recommendations of the mediator are not binding, but often help to resolve many or all of the remaining issues in the dispute.

We represent our client through mediation and when necessary arbitration.  Arbitration is a much more structured approach to resolving a business lawsuit.  While the rules are not a strict as they will be in a San Diego courtroom, arbitration does provide the structure to present evidence, gain testimony and ultimately have your case resolved.  The ruling of the arbiter usually cannot be appealed.

The Watkins Firm represents you at each step of the process to ensure effective resolution of San Diego business litigation cases.  Our approach is specifically designed to drive things to a resolution that meets our client’s goals quickly and in a cost-efficient manner.  If you are involved in a business dispute, or have been served papers in a lawsuit we invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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