Perhaps one of the greatest concerns for any San Diego business owner is a business to business dispute or lawsuit.  Lawsuits and business litigation often mean three things: lost business, time and money.  The Watkins Firm understands the nature of business and the importance of resolving business disputes quickly while protecting valuable business relationships when necessary.  Our effective timely and efficient business litigation strategies accomplish our client’s goals in the shortest possible time frame and in a cost-effective manner.

What is our unique approach to business litigation in San Diego?  It is rooted in common sense and a clear understanding of business priorities.  It is important to note that most business disputes and lawsuits are resolved through negotiation.  We begin with this in mind.  The fastest and least expensive option for our clients is effective, leveraged negotiation.  We work quickly and efficiently to review the nature of the business contracts associated with the disagreement and the financial damages that will result.  Damages are the key to leverage.  We use this to gain the attention of the opposing party and invite them to participate in productive results-focused negotiations while maintaining a positive working atmosphere whenever possible.  In many cases we spend as much time mending important relationships as we do resolving the legal issues underpinning the dispute.

We develop “work-arounds” that reflect the realities of the situation, and the solution that represents the best path for our clients based upon their objectives.  We preserve downstream options while offering an opportunity for the opposing side to fulfill their portion of the “benefit of the bargain.”  Opposing counsel know that we will represent you (our client) all the way through any dispute including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.  It is our strong record at trial and our reputation that communicates you mean business.  This resolve provides additional leverage to avoid the time and expense of protracted litigation and come to a reasonable and successful settlement.

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