The employment agreement and associated documents are crucial to business success in 2018.  Employment related litigation almost doubled in 2017 compared to 2016, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars for US and San Diego employers.  What steps can you take to reduce the risk of an employee related lawsuit while also addressing issues such as discipline and covenants not to compete?  The business contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm carefully craft employment agreements, offer letter templates, employee handbooks, policies and procedures manuals and other employment related documents to establish the parameters of a smooth and productive working relationship while protecting you as a San Diego employer.

One example is unpaid overtime.  There have been a rash of lawsuits lately where former employees file a lawsuit alleging the requirement to complete unpaid work on nights and weekends.  They produce documentation including emails and phone records to demonstrate the work they were “required” to do off the clock.  Your employment agreements should clearly establish policies which prohibit unpaid overtime work, and establish the requirement to obtain advance written authorization from a direct supervisor prior to working any overtime hours.  Limiting employee access to business systems such as e-mail and company applications is an excellent precaution.  Written policies backed by consistent monitoring and management follow through can protect you from employment related disputes and lawsuits.

Another example is the frustration many San Diego employers experience with covenants not to compete.  The business general counsel attorneys at the Watkins Firm help to develop and implement a “trade secret” policy which protects all internal information such as customer and contact information, details about suppliers and costs, unique processes and industry knowledge and other information which can be established as trade secrets.  The misappropriation of trade secrets (such as customer information and pricing) can be effectively enforced here in San Diego.

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