Looking for ways to grow your business? Expand your opportunities with a business acquisition or joint venture.  One of the first places to look is your competitors.  Are there any that have seemed to struggle or show signs of failure due to the COVID-19 challenge?  Which competitors are weak or have a poor value proposition?  What assets, customers, vehicles, commercial property or other interests do they have which could contribute to the growth and success of your own business?

Another source to consider is a division of a major corporation which is under-performing or not in harmony with the general direction and scope of the parent organization.  Many substantial well-known corporations are in the midst of a battle for survival.  This is one of the most challenging times we’ve faced as a business community in San Diego.  It is also full of opportunity.

The experienced mergers and acquisitions attorneys at the Watkins Firm will help you to strategize opportunities and assist with negotiations and the due diligence required to protect your interests and ensure success.  We have helped other companies like yours for decades, and can guide you through the process of growth that will position your business for rapid expansion and increased profitability the months and years to come.

One of the ways to expand your opportunities with a business acquisition is through an asset purchase or a stock purchase.  What are the risks associated with purchasing another business?  How can you purchase the specific portions of a business and its assets that match your goals without exposing yourself to the other company’s debts and liabilities?  Should you consider a joint venture?  Joint ventures allow separate companies to combine their strengths to pursue a marketplace or opportunity that neither could accomplish on their own, while spreading the associated risks between the joint venture partners.  This is another excellent strategy to open new markets and new opportunities for business growth.

How can you expand your opportunities with a business acquisition or joint venture while increasing the performance and value of your company?  Contact your legal business partners at the Watkins Firm or call today for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.  We will help you to develop a plan, negotiate a strong deal, craft sound contracts and documents that protect you and conduct the due diligence required to know the likelihood of success is well in your favor.

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