Are you searching for a proven, experienced corporate attorney in San Diego or Southern California?  As our Founder, Dan Watkins, said recently on a podcast episode: “Every business should have 3 great partners they can count on, a good business and corporate lawyer, a banker and a solid tax adviser.”  A corporate attorney is more than simply ensuring governance and compliance issues are met and annual meetings are conducted. Your business attorney should be a good business coach and someone you can talk to about anything.

As an experienced corporate attorney in San Diego, Dan Watkins manages all of the important actions and documentation required to protect the corporate veil and your company’s standing with the State of California.  More importantly, he works with our clients to ensure all of their internal documentation and corporate documents are updated and in alignment with present and future company objectives.

Corporate documents such as the operating agreement for an LLC, or the bylaws and shareholders’ agreement for a corporation are up to date with all changes in local, state and federal laws.  What has changed in the business this past year and what challenges have we faced?  How can we establish boundaries in our corporate documents to ensure the performance of our stakeholders while protecting the interests of the company?

An experienced corporate attorney in San Diego also knows how important company documents such as the employee handbook and policies and procedures manual are to prevent employee litigation and wage and hour disputes.  California makes it difficult enough for any employer to handle their business.  We work with our clients to ensure solid expectations are in writing, policies and procedures are updated and enforceable and that each employee has signed both their new employee handbook as well as appropriate job related materials to prevent plaintiff’s attorneys from targeting your organization.

You need an experienced corporate attorney in San Diego.  You need the proven advise and counsel of the Watkins Firm.  We’ve served the San Diego business community for decades and will work to protect your interests and help your company to thrive in the coming new year.

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