The experienced defense attorneys for San Diego employers at the Watkins Firm have successfully protected many San Diego business owners, officers, executives and managers in a variety of disputes and lawsuits.  We represent and defend employers and business owners before Federal and California state agencies and labor commissions in hearings and conferences regarding employee disputes.  We protect our clients against allegations of wage theft and extensive financial exposure to judgments and “settlements.”

We aggressively protect our clients in serious allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination or employer retaliation.  Ask about our proven track record of success in these cases and trials.  Many clients who believed they were “dead to rights” or had no hope were surprised by the successful outcomes we achieved.  The person raising these types of allegations has a substantial burden of proof in these cases.  Our legal skill, unique strategies and use of documentation and other evidence such as social media ensures the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our experienced defense attorneys for San Diego employers represent their interests in employment contract disputes, FMLA disputes and other employment related matters.  Our wage and hour defense attorneys protect employers against plaintiff’s allegations, lawsuits and class actions as well as issues such as misclassification of a 1099 worker or unpaid overtime disputes.

San Diego employers value the vast array of services the Watkins Firm can provide to support every aspect of business and related employment matters.  They respect our unique approach to business transactions and our ability to help ensure business success.  When a dispute arises, the employer defense attorneys at the Watkins firm take a unique approach which is specifically designed to resolve the dispute quickly and cost-effectively.

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