Are you planning the acquisition of a competitor or purchasing the assets of a company who is going out of business?  The experienced San Diego asset purchase contract lawyers at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience in these transactions.  We work to protect your interests as the buyer, structure or negotiate a transaction and develop an asset purchase contract to facilitate the deal.  Our experienced asset purchase attorneys understand the importance of maintaining a positive and constructive atmosphere during negotiations and due diligence, and work to ensure the transaction is facilitated while protecting our client’s exposure to risk and future liability.

Asset purchase contracts must be carefully crafted to ensure crucial aspects of the transaction are clearly addressed, including but not limited to:

  • Detailed description and condition of asset(s) to be transferred
  • Seller’s representations and warranties
  • Due diligence, inspection
  • Conveyance of title
  • Terms, conditions and payment

The primary advantage of an asset purchase for the buyer is the limitation of present and future liability.  Mergers and acquisitions strategies such as an asset purchase agreement are an excellent strategy to expand and grow your company.  The newly acquired equipment, inventory, customers, facilities, products or assets can open new vertical or geographical markets allowing your business volume to expand to meet new opportunities.  The risk associated with these transactions can be kept to a minimum based upon thorough research and due diligence and a close inspection of the assets to be acquired.  The experienced San Diego asset purchase contract lawyers at the Watkins Firm research any potential liens or encumbrances which might slow the transfer of clear title.

This ensures our clients complete a successful asset purchase to position their business for new growth and profit opportunities.  If you are considering an asset purchase or opportunities for mergers and acquisitions we invite you to contact the experienced San Diego asset purchase contract lawyers at the Watkins Firm or call today for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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