Many San Diego business owners are not aware that financial losses from a breach of contract must be mitigated to preserve legal recovery options.  If you are the victim of a breach of contract in San Diego you are required to take prompt, reasonable action to mitigate your losses.  This includes identifying other alternative sources, and working with your customers and any other party who may be affected by the breach of contract to keep your losses at a minimum.

The business dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm advise business clients who are involved in breach of contract issues, either to represent the injured party or to defend allegations of breach of contract.  Based upon our decades of experience in contract disputes here in San Diego, our attorneys take immediate action to resolve your case as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  In many cases a “work-around” can be negotiated that fairly compensates the injured party for delays or issues caused by the breach while allowing the party who caused the breach to fulfill part or all of the original “benefit of the bargain.”

Negotiation is the fastest and most efficient way to resolve breach of contract disputes.  We ensure that our clients understand that financial losses from a breach of contract must be mitigated and once these actions have been taken we work to quickly and accurately asses resulting damages.  Damages provide the leverage necessary to gain the full attention of the other party, and open constructive negotiations that resolve unexpected challenges and allow a business transaction or relationship to continue.  The relationship with other contractual parties is often as important to our clients as the benefit of the contract itself.  The experienced breach of contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm understand the importance of repairing and preserving many business relationships while taking the actions necessary to protect our client’s business and financial interests.

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