Are you considering working with another individual or group of individuals to pursue an investment?  Are you interested in partnering with another business to pursue a specific objective based upon a vertical niche segment or geographical market?  How can a Limited Liability Corporation or LLC provide the right business vehicle for your project while protecting you and your business or investment partners?  Hiring the Watkins Firm to form an LLC for an investment or joint venture provides the necessary business structure for the venture and additional layers of protection for the parties associated with it.

The primary objective of any business entity is to provide personal protection from the liabilities associated with the venture.  The LLC’s operating agreement should also clearly establish the principles upon which the business or joint venture will operate.  The operating agreement should clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of the parties.  It should also specify the source of start-up funds and how income associated with the project is to be managed or distributed.  The operating agreement should anticipate the types of individual life challenges the members of the LLC may face during the term of the project.  What happens if one of the members passes away or becomes incapacitated?  What happens if additional investment is required?  How will disputes between members in the LLC be resolved?  How will the ownership position of each member be valued at any point in time?  What will trigger an event leading to the acquisition of another member’s interest?

The business attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of expertise in these matters, as well as practical experience in the formation and operation of small to mid-sized businesses.  Our experienced business formation attorneys can help you to establish the LLC or any other corporate or business structure appropriate for your project.  We work with you and other parties who may be involved to develop the foundation upon which a successful investment, partnership, joint venture or small business can thrive.  If you are interested in forming a new business entity such as an LLC for an investment or joint venture we invite you to contact us or call today for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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