Business fraud and unfair competition often go hand in hand in San Diego business litigation cases.  We have successfully resolved many cases involving a business contract which is fulfilled by one party, but the other attempts to gain the benefit of the bargain while depriving the other of payment or the fruit of their labor.

In one case a company entered into an agreement with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services who was to hire employees for placement within the company.  The service organization was to provide all insurance including workers compensation and payroll obligations for the employees under this agreement.  Ultimately two of the employees hired under this contract were injured at work, only to have their valid claims rejected.  The PEO was not capable of providing the insurance under the contract and fraudulently induced the company to enter into a PEO contract so the supposed PEO provider could collect millions of dollars in fees.  In this case the PEO was unjustly enriched by more than $10 million in workers compensation insurance and other costs which they were required to provide under the agreement but never obtained on behalf of the client.

The Watkins Firm has decades of experience in business to business litigation throughout the San Diego Region.  Business fraud and unfair competition often go hand in hand.  The proven business dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm aggressively protect the interests of our clients.  We seek positive resolutions in cases of theft, fraud, deception and cases of unfair competition, misleading advertising or market manipulation.  We take a unique approach to litigation which is designed to accomplish our client’s goals and objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We represent our clients at every step of the process including negotiation, mediation and arbitration and when necessary trial in a San Diego or Southern California Court.

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