What is a “General Counsel” and why do successful San Diego businesses and corporations select the Watkins Firm as their general business counsel?  Your general counsel is your business coach and a trusted adviser.

Consider the example of professional athletes.  Professional athletes are usually in exceptional physical condition and have shown drive, ambition and skill.  They are among the highest paid professionals in the world and yet they still almost all hire a coach.  What do professional athletes and businesses have in common?  Why do they need coaches?

Effective coaches help their athletes to continue to grow.  An experienced coach knows every nuance of the game and helps an athlete to expand their knowledge and skill set so they are fully prepared for whatever they may encounter during competition.   They help the professional athlete to avoid or conquer the types of pitfalls and challenges which defeat lesser competitors.

Effective coaches develop and teach their clients strategies which help to exploit their competitive advantage and take full advantage of the opportunities in front of them.

This is what the Watkins Firm can do for your company as your general business counsel.  Our attorneys have served the San Diego business community for several decades.   We help our clients to understand the fundamentals of business more thoroughly and completely.  We guide you every aspect of your business life – transactions, relationships with employees, customers and suppliers, disputes and ultimately mergers and acquisitions or the sale of your company.  We help you to avoid business disputes and litigation and defend you if a lawsuit is filed against you.

Your general counsel is your business coach and a trusted adviser.  If you are looking to draw upon the experience and expertise of proven business advisers we invite you contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 to speak with one of our seasoned business attorneys for a free consultation.  Business is a competitive, exciting and lucrative undertaking.  How much farther could you take your business with the advice and counsel of an experienced and proven business coach?

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