Guidance when Starting an LLC in San DiegoAll entrepreneurs, first-time business owners and even those with multiple companies need experienced expert guidance when starting an LLC in San Diego or Southern California.  What should you look for in a business start-up attorney and why do you need a lawyer at all?

The Watkins Firm has helped to form and advise business start-ups in San Diego for decades.  We have helped literally thousands of businesses to form an LLC or appropriate business entity and grow their business into a successful enterprise.  The odds are that the Watkins Firm has deep expertise in your specific industry, and we can provide important connections and insight in your new company.

We can advise you of the pitfalls and challenges that have disrupted other businesses like yours or caused them to fail altogether.  Our general counsel actually helps you to spend less of your start-up cash, more efficiently come up to speed and structure every aspect of your business in a manner that ensures success.

Why do you need a lawyer at all?  Ask yourself a simple question: Do world-class professional athletes have a coach?  Why do you think the best and highest skilled athlete would need a coach?  The answer lies in the shortest and most successful route to the prize they seek.  In your case, it is the shortest and least expensive route to establishing and building a successful thriving business.  You will need guidance when starting an LLC in San Diego and a trusted adviser who isn’t looking for a cut of the action.

California has a multitude of unique laws and important legal distinctions (such as bias and protections toward minority ownership interests) that are not addressed in form download sites or start-up packages you can purchase for $100.  What is an LLC operating agreement and why is it important to establish this important corporate document at the outset of your company?

We guide you carefully through each step.  We understand the importance of preserving as much of your start-up capital as possible and work to provide efficient guidance when starting an LLC in San Diego with one goal in mind: Your success.  It doesn’t cost you anything to contact the Watkins Firm or call us today for a free consultation at 858-535-1511 to learn more about the Watkins Firm and all we can do to help you to get your new company up and running and profitable in the shortest possible time frame.

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