Assert Your Rights as a Shareholder in San DiegoThere are times where majority interests are not acting in your or the company’s best interest and it is important to assert your rights as a shareholder in San Diego.  The Watkins Firm has decades of experience and expertise representing shareholders in negotiations, disputes and litigation to protect their rights and interests.

When you invest in a company as a shareholder, you have rights under California law.  Unfortunately, majority interests and corporate management often step on those rights and you will require the support of experienced shareholder rights attorneys.

The majority interest may attempt a “freeze out” – a strategic move designed to prevent minority shareholders from having input on company decisions or direction.  In other cases it can be as subtle as making it extremely difficult to access the company books or other important corporate documents.  There are several strategies we employ to resolve your challenges as a shareholder and accomplish your goals.

Negotiation.  Many shareholder disputes are resolved through effective negotiation.  Once they realize you are represented by the Watkins Firm the majority know their actions are under scrutiny and legal review.  This often provides the leverage necessary to accomplish your goals.  When areas of principled disagreement exist mediation may provide a cost-effectively and timely alternative to litigation.

Litigation or a Derivative Lawsuit.  When negotiation or a demand letter are not effective, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit.  Our attorneys provide guidance whether you need to sue the parties directly, or if you need to file a derivative lawsuit on behalf of the corporation itself.  California law provides several opportunities for the minority shareholder to have access to important corporate information and remedies for non-payment of dividends, breach of fiduciary duty and other exclusionary actions.

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