We are often asked “How do we bring a new investor into our San Diego business without giving up too much?”

Raising operating capital for your company may require you to bring a new investor into your San Diego based business.  Investors know they are taking a risk, but they want as much security as possible for their money, and a clear (and well documented) strategy for how it will be used and how it will generate a return.  They also often demand a portion of “control” over the business and associated decisions.  What is the best mechanism to legally bring investment capital into a business while protecting your own interests as well as the integrity and strength of your company?

The Watkins Firm are experienced small business attorneys with decades of service to the San Diego business community.  We are small business owners ourselves.  We can relate to these issues and we can help your company.

There are laws at both the federal and state level that govern investment capital and how it can be raised.  It might be as simple as establishing an installment loan with the investor, or it may require modification of corporate documentation and operational agreements.  Each situation is unique, and it is important to carefully consider the options, and the implications they will have on your business, profit distribution and controlling interests.

We will help you to identify options and negotiate with investors to develop the best deal possible for your company while providing the incentives and protections necessary for the investor.  We will create well crafted agreements or review those provided by the investor’s attorneys to ensure your company is protected and you fully understand all of the risks and benefits.

“How do we bring a new investor into our San Diego business?”  The genuine answer: Carefully.

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