How does a business lawsuit in San Diego usually work out?  What can be done to resolve a business dispute quickly and cost-effectively?  The experienced business lawsuit attorneys at the Watkins Firm take a unique approach to resolving business disputes and lawsuits.  The primary goal is to resolve the dispute and accomplish our client’s goals and objectives in the shortest possible time frame and in a cost-effective manner.

The majority of business lawsuits in San Diego are resolved through effective leveraged negotiations.  Business lawsuits are about damages.  Damages are the extent of the financial impact caused by the actions of the parties involved in the dispute.  The Watkins Firm attorneys work to quickly and accurately assess the damages, as well as any underlying contracts and additional facts surrounding the case such as e-mails, texts and other correspondence.  We open negotiations attempting to establish common ground and productive and constructive atmosphere that is more likely to result in a negotiated resolution.  The damages often provide the leverage required to get the other party’s attention and drive the matter to conclusion.

There are times when issues are quite complex, or there is a matter of genuine principled disagreement.  In these cases mediation can serve as an efficient and timely alternative.  As your representatives, we work with the mediator and representatives of other parties to establish a calm, productive working environment focused upon specific issues to be resolved.  The role of the mediator is to help the parties to understand each other’s position more effectively and to guide the parties to a resolution based upon the mediator’s extensive facilitation skills as well as a detailed knowledge of the business issues at hand.

Many business contracts require arbitration.  Arbitration is a much more structured legal venue, however it is not as heavily structured as the rules of law and evidence one would encounter at trial.  The arbitration is governed by a third party “neutral” with extensive experience in the matters associated with the dispute and underlying laws.  The arbiter receives initial briefs from each side, then gathers testimony and additional evidence needed to render a decision in the case.  The decision of the arbiter is almost always binding.

When necessary the business dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm will represent you at trial as well.  You, the client, maintain complete control over the process and are able to make informed decisions at each step.  The Watkins Firm team has decades of experience with business lawsuits in San Diego and represent you at each step of the process until your case is resolved and objectives are achieved.

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